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Company profile and history


HOPET Ltd. (HOPET Számítástechnikai és Közgazdasági Szolgáltató Kft.) is a vendor-independent IT Security Audit & Management Consulting company . Founded in 2000, our main business line covers IT Governance, Compliance & Security Audit, and professional IT Security Assistance in the field of information security area.

Answering to the market needs, in 2003 we enhanced our former IT and economic activities to the IT management consulting including data protection and information security.

We have been aware of the importance of the international standards and „best practices”, and we know that information security has to be considered in a complex manner. We were among the firsts who launched his complex information security management system programs, first on BS 7799, later ISO/IEC 17799 and ISO/IEC 27001 principles.

As the information security has integrated to the companies’ every-day quality, and as ISO/IEC 27001 had created the skeleton of the integrated information security and quality management systems, we passed the ISO 9001 lead auditor examination in 2005, and started implementing integrated management systems of financial companies and making them ready to the validation. Among the Hungarian financial institutes our company was the first who got compliance certification of it’s integrated management system.

Since the management systems are comprised of many-level business processes, our activities are always beginning with surveying, analysing and revising business processes. As a special line, we provide complex process management and business process reengineering projects to our customers. With our process optimalization projects, a significant decrease in the operational costs can be achieved.

The on-going technological changes has taken it necessary to start our IT operation reengineering projects. With our ITIL Foundation Certificate, we have been building MSZE 15100 and ITIL compliant IT operation systems.

During the past several years a special importance has been given to the Business Continuity Management . With our BS 25999 lead auditor certificate, as standalone projects or part of information security management systems, we perform business continuity planning, and build up information disaster recovery plans on BS 25999 Business Continuity Management System principles.

By the help of our many-year long IT governance experience, we deliver project controlling and quality assurance services. We use PRINCE2 methotodology as our project standard.

At company alteration, purchase, or only for a simple company valuation there is often necessary to estimate the company’s real asset value. Based on our accounting licences, we analyse and audit the software licence contents for the negotiable and execute the jobs of the IT asset valuation.

We made technologycal partnership with Qualys Inc., who is the „de facto” technological leadership of the network scanning industry an an official PCI SSC Authorized Scanning Vendor (ASV), and started our PCI DSS compliance program in 2008. With use the QualysGuard PCI products, and we conduct PCI DSS quarterly network security scans, on-site surveys, professional assistance and PCI DSS project management services.

Our achievements are inseparable from our well-trained IT professional colleagues who gained a high-level experience in IT security and IT audit & governance.

We sell our projects within the following categories:

  • Information risk management - ISO/IEC 27005
  • Gap analyis - MSZE 15100, MSZ ISO/IEC 27001, PCI DSS, COBIT, BS 25999, ITIL, WLASCS
  • Vulnerability network scans - QualysGuard
  • Information management systems - MSZ ISO/IEC 27001, COBIT and MSZ ISO/IEC 9001 integration
  • Business Continuity Management Systems - BS 25999
  • Information Service Management Systems - MSZE 15100, ISO/IEC 20000, ITIL
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards - PCI DSS
  • IT security audit - MSZ ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 20000, COBIT, BS 25999, ITIL, WLASCS
  • IT internal audits
  • Project management – Prince2
  • Project reengineering - project optimalization
  • PKI assistance
  • Lottery Systems Information Security Standards - WLASCS

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